The Torah’s claim is that the entire people heard God speak at Mount Sinai, experiencing national revelation. God did not just appear to Moses in a private rendezvous; He appeared to everyone, some 3 million people. This claim is mentioned many times in the Torah. The beginnings of all ancient and modern religions have a common thread: one or two people have a revelation and persuade others to follow. Thus, for example, Buddhist writings tell us that Prince Siddhartha ( sid- harta Ga-tama) Gautama launched Buddhism after his solitary ascendance through the eight stages of Transic insight; Islamic texts tell us that Muhammad founded Islam following the first of many personal, prophetic experiences; Christian writings reveal that Paul first met Jesus, converted to Christianity, and spread the faith more than three decades after Jesus’ death; Joseph Smith, Jr., and his partner, Oliver Cowdery, launched the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints (the Mormon church) after the two men were visited by angels and long-dead disciples of Jesus; Sikhism-Guru Nanak-28 years old, Nanak went (as usual) down to the river to bathe and meditate. It was said that he was gone for three days. When he reappeared, filled with the spirit of God, he said, GOD SPOKE TO HIM – He Will Be a Prophet”There is no Hindu and no Muslim.” Taoism-Taoism has no founder and no founding date. It grew out of various religious and philosophical traditions in ancient China, including shamanism and nature religion. Never does a large, clearly identifiable group of people experience prophecy and live to tell others about it. Possibilities A- true B- False:= made up-→ by whom and when? 1)moshe made it up and convinced everyone ( this is in the present – he made it up and sold it ) 2)it was made up but much later in history ( Past) past- years ago this is what happened… 3) or future- in the future your children will speak to hashem 4) or grew over time – could only be one of these