Rabbi Michoel Dov Weismandel Eliyahu Rips Doron Witzum The authorship of the book of devarim: Maharal Tiferes Yisrael ch 43 Yevamos 49b- all the prophets looked through unclear glass but moshe looked through a clear glass-looking moshe level of prophecy could be described as a “a scribe writing from dictation” Who wrote the last eight verses in the torah ? Vilna Gaon, Kol Eliyahu, Parshat VeZot HaBeracha – Moshe wrote the last eight verses as one strand of letters not separated into words. ll appearances of the word ישראל (Israel) in the first 10,000 letters of Genesis, at equal intervals ranging from -100 to 100. The computer then shows that the word is spelled out only twice, at intervals of 7 and -50, and is located in verses(Genesis) 1:31-2:3  exactly the four verses that constitute the kiddush, which we recite over a cup of wine every Friday night to sanctify the Sabbath. This is astounding because 7 and 50 are the only numbers related to Shabbat. Seven stands for both the Seventh Day of Creation and the seventh year of shmita when the land rests. After seven shmita cycles the land rests also on the fiftieth year, the jubilee year. Is this merely coincidence? A simple calculation shows that the probability of the word ישראל appearing once at a given interval in the above verses is about 1 in 1200. The chance of two appearances at the intervals of 7 and 50 either backwards or forwards is about 1 in 400,000. bereishit rabbah 11:8 why did hashem bless shabbat? Rabbi berekiah(berecheeya) says because it has no partner 1st day has 2nd day 3rd day has 4th day 5th day has 6th day but shabbat has no partner… hashem said Israel (yisrael will be your partner) the only code we have of yisrael written in first 10,000 words is twice and both in regards to shabbat about shabbat in a skip of shabbat the following finding is attributed to Nachmanides (the Ramban) who lived a few decades after Maimonides. The phrase מצרים בארץ מופתי רבות (Rabot Moftai B’eretz Mitzrayim-“My marvels may be multiplied in the land of Egypt”) in Exodus 11:9 implies Maimonides. probabilities-the likelihood or such a משנה תורה starting with a given מ is 1 in 186,000,000.  the author of the Torah knew 2500 years in advance about Maimonides and the Mishneh Torah  Jacob’s dream of the ladder reaching to heaven. When Jacob awoke from his sleep he said, “Surely the L-rd is present in this place, and I did not know it!” (Genesis 28:16). Where was this place? Rashi (the major commentator on the Torah) writes that it was Mount Moriah where the Temple later was built. Joseph’s second dream in Genesis 37:9-10: Genesis 38, tells the story of Yehuda and Tamar, who gave birth to Peretz and Zerach. From the Book of Ruth we learn that Boaz was descended from Peretz. Boaz married Ruth and had a son Oved, who had a son Yishai, the father of King David. Statistical Science: a review  journal of the institute of mathematical statistics. hidden failure Rabbi Shlomo Luria Professor Persi Diaconis.  War and Peace Moby Dick statistical confidence level came out to be 1 in 1,694,000. Hundreds of equidistant letter skips were found: – 1991 gulf war saddam husseins capture in 2003, his execution in 2006 – the devestating tsunami of 2004 – the mumbai terrorist attacks in 2008 -the murder of rabbi abuchatzirah in 2011