science deals with the what not the why torah deals with the why – Rainbow – Aggadah Gemera Rabbi moshe Meiselman – chazal and science: medical advice Rav Sherira רב שרירא גאון tells us clearly that we are not to use chazals medical advice Rambam says this outright in his Moreh Nevuchim (3:14): Do not ask me to reconcile everything that they (the sages) stated about astronomy with the actual reality, for the science of those days was deficient, and they did not speak out of traditions from the prophets regarding these matters. explicit mentions of consultations with doctors in the Talmud (e.g. Chullin 77a) The Gemara pesachim 56a) relates that King Chizkiyahu, with the consent of the Sanhedrin, hid away a certain “Book of Remedies. rema ( even Haezer 156-4; orach chaim 173:1 moed kattan 11a) – mans physiological makeup has changed from the times of the talmud , so the remedies are no longer effective Kesef Mishneh, Chazal’s remedies were never meant to be universally applicable. They were intended for people living in a specific place at a specific time. According to the Maharil there is nothing wrong with Chazal’s remedies at all; they are just as effective today as ever. The problem is that we are ignorant of how to apply them correctly, therefore when we apply them, they are liable to fail. Chavos Ya’ir – we do not know the identities of many of the herbs mentioned by Chazal, nor do we know the proper dosages Shabbos 134a- neonatal jaundice must not be circumcised until his color is returned to normal( see also rambam laws of milah 1:17 and Shulchan auruch) – wound to the back of hand or foot– sepsis – hot water for baby on shabbat -Fetal Development -Lice on Shabbat Shabbat 107b ושאר שקצים כו׳: הא הורגן חייב מאן תנא אמר רבי ירמיה רבי אליעזר היא דתניא רבי אליעזר אומר ההורג כינה בשבת כהורג גמל בשבת מתקיף לה רב יוסף עד כאן לא פליגי רבנן עליה דרבי אליעזר אלא בכינה דאינה פרה ורבה אבל שאר שקצים ורמשים דפרין ורבין לא פליגי We learned in the mishna: And one who traps other abominations is exempt. The Gemara infers: If one kills them he is liable. The Gemara asks: Who isthe tanna who holds this opinion? Rabbi Yirmeya said: It is the opinion of Rabbi Eliezer, as it was taught in a baraita that Rabbi Eliezer says: One who kills lice on Shabbat is akin to one who kills a camel on Shabbat.Apparently, he is the Sage who holds that one is liable for killing any living creature. Rav Yosef strongly objects to this: Perhaps this is not so, as the Rabbis disagree with Rabbi Eliezer only with regard to lice, which do not procreate. However, with regard to other abominations and crawling things that procreate, they do not disagree with him The word lice (kinim) refers to a large group of creatures that can cause annoyance to man. For example, in Baba Metziah 107: is mentioned kinim (lice) in the intestines, which indicates that kinim are a type of tapeworm. In the Sifri on Deut. 40 is mentioned kinim as a type of plant pest. In Eliyahu Rabba 8 is mentioned that there are 14 types of kinim. WHAT YOU CANNOT SEE.“ One of the first authorities to discuss this issue explicitly was the Chachmas Adam. He was asked whether it is permissible to consume vinegar even when no organisms are visible in it since according to the inquirer’s source, wine is transformed into vinegar through the agency of “Worms” that can only be seen with the aid of a microscope. In his response the Chachmas Adam dismisses out of hand the possibility of vinegar being inherently forbidden and reframes the question to deal only with visible Worms.1he sub-visual worms are halachically nonexistent. Rav Moshe Feinstein applied this principle to a completely different context. The halachah requires that the batim (the boxes of the tejillin) be completely square. Rav Moshe was asked whether it is desirable to verify their squareness with a microscope. He replied that there was no such preference at all. The squareness that is required is that which can be detected with the naked eye. He explains his position with the dictum “iy efshar letzamtzem beyidei adam complete precision is impossible for human beings.” Since this is so, precision on the microscopic level is not what the Torah requires .Since lice eggs are too small to be seen unaided, lice look as if they grow from the item in which they appear and are given the same halachic status as their apparent origin Chullin 126b- half mouse half dirt – When reading the gemera one can see that the gemera does not say that it definitely exist it says what the halacha is if it exists 2nd DAY yomtov