why do we have so many commandments? – obligations vs rights – rabbi Mordechai Becher – Gateway To Judiasm – Wouldnt it be better to have less commandments and hence less chance of “messing up”? -Maharal-the Jew has an inborn relationship to the World Above, and therefore his ingrained affinity to come close to God obligates him to revel in the multiplicity of commandments, not to reject it. -Dubno Maggid -SAYING-= doing Megillah 31b, taanit 27b -rabbinu bachya, and Shelah – that that the karbonos count as if you gave it by just saying it , if you say it with kavanah -chafetz chaim wrote in torah ohr(peh”aleph”) that in munachos (110a) who ever is osek in torahs chatas is as if they gave a chatas – it says osek not read- it seems that the learning and understanding is the important part. -The Taz in divri dovid (genesis 32:5) -Meshech chachma (exodus 19:8) -Sefer taam vedas- harav moshe shternboch- On genesis 32:5 -Maharal (Gur Aryeh to Genesis 6:9) -Chullin 60b -Gensis 17:12 – the earth in the time of noah became corrupted- Zohar explains that mans corrupt actions infected the earth -(Midrash Tanchuma, Tazria §5 -Shem Mishmuel – shavout -(Mishlei 16:1) , (Mishlei 16:3)