What is bad things and who are good people? emotional question vs Intellectual Question 1)We don’t know the whole picture What is good vs what is bad “i didnt ask for this test” 2) to wake us up if we are doing something wrong and we need to correct something 3)negligence 4) A previous sin for which it is necessary to pay him for it, as written “the tzadik will pay in the land” (Mishlei 11:31) 5)the righteous are required to correct and help bring those who are straying from the path to the correct way , if they fail to do so when they could have done something – they unfortunately are held accountable for the sins of the wicked if they could have prevented it ( see shabbos 55a,b 56b;119a) 6) In the way of exchanging, to pay him more good in Olam Haba (the afterlife), as written “to benefit you in your end” (Devarim 8:16) Q) If God is All Good and can do anything then how come he doesn’t just make it that its good for us that Good will happen just change everything? – Make a solution that achieves all benefits without the necessary suffering connection with Hashem Don t know the alternative